Beijing’s air pollution is like everyone smoking 3 cigarettes a day

The core reason for Beijing’s air pollution is nothing but smoking cigarettes. There is an evidence, the Chinese smoking 3 cigarettes a day as per the UBS.

Smoking cigarette significantly increases the risk of developing some serious medical problems like lung cancer, diabetes, heart failure and other forms of cancer. Smoking gives rise to different medical issues. It is a bad habit so the best thing for the smokers is to quit smoking. However, this is the best thing for their health but Quitting smoking is the most difficult thing for a person addicted to it. With http://publichealth-forum.com, you can know how air is getting polluted in  Beijing due to this cigarette smoking.

Smoking gives birth to many serious lifelong diseases like cancer, heart disease, long-term chronic respiratory problems. As per the researchers, more than 440,000 people in the USA and 100,000 people in China die every year because of smoking. Quitting smoking will give you cleaner teeth, fewer stain marks on your fingers, fresher breath, a better sense of smell and taste, fewer skin wrinkles and more strength and ability to be more active.

Now Beijing offers some smoking eradication program like lozenges, gum, and free nicotine patches. Nowadays easy free Nicotine Patches are available which will reduce your cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The likelihood of quitting will increase from double or triple with the help of Free Nicotine Patches.

You will find your heart rate to a normal level just within 20 minutes of quitting, carbon monoxide levels will decline to a normal level within 12 hours of quitting. Lungs will start functioning more effectively and there will be less risk of heart attack. Thus if you will follow the quitting tips you will get a healthy lifestyle and improve overall wellness as well. Many types of research show that children of smoker are more likely to smoke as they might have picked up the habit. There is a risk of getting various forms of cancer if you are intaking toxin significantly within five to fifteen years.