A Few Creative Website Design

A Few Creative Website Design

A web design should be creative. It should be aesthetically pleasing as well as useful. You cannot ignore the functional part. The items should be designed wonderfully in such a manner which will be  a perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

The below listed creative website design will protect a company’s success.

Wink TTD:

This web design looks like a very typical design, but it has some close grid layout with closed rooms. The fonts used here are wonderful. You will definitely fall in love after using the site. It is something like breathing new life into an old concept.


Here you will find the navigation menus at the horizontal and vertical lines along with the axis which appears as the typical bars. The main idea of the site is to create a spider web type of navigation. It works on the trash part. It gives a simple and cool look.


It is a website with a blend of movement, color and content. The most important thing is the creativity. The most creative and interesting website is very fun to navigate around.

End Time:

End time is another website which is more likely as Piterstev. However is it very interesting to the eyes. Basically, it is used for product promotion. They always take care of the really fine details which is responsible to create a nice user experience.

185 Plymouth Street:

This is a very creative and mind blowing site which caters the need for many people in a very wonderful way. For example, if you are shifting to a new apartment then this site will help you in many respects. It is useful for a certain group of people.


This is a very interesting and creative site which allows you to view a 360 degree product look. It is extremely cool to work with. It’s less like a site and more like a movie.